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All with a wink, a nod, and enough large gestures to trick you into thinking she's tall, Lindsey Noel brings her whirlwind energy to today's leading magic venues. Gracing stages the likes of the Chicago Magic Lounge, NYC's Monday Night Magic, and Marvyn's Magic Theater to name a few, this glamorous and magical woman delights and astounds all she encounters.


Coming to the art of magic with a background in film and television as a costume designer and stylist and over a decade of producing and MCing grand live events, Lindsey Noel brings production value to her performances with beautiful costumes she has designed, multiple costume changes, and detailed elaborate props. Each effect she performs is either completely original or tailored with custom props to be unlike anything else out there in the world of professional whimsy.


Reading minds and crafting wild stories which she invites her audience along for, this magical mentalist has taken the virtual world by storm. You can catch her at all the hottest clubs, like Zoom, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitch, and even Streamyard, where she finds ways to create human connection and spark joy, breaking the barrier of the screen.

Tune in and witness with your own eyes and mind why Lindsey Noel is #MindReadingWithMoxie

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Lindsey Noel Magic Transparent-01.png
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