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Learn to be a Bubble artist at ilc!

Bubble shows are all the rage right now. I'd love to come and teach your campers how to do tricks with bubbles, make giant bubbles, build bubble sculptures, and even how to incorporate classic illusion into the real magic of bubbles.

lindsey noel bubble witch 103018-49_edited.jpg

"Bubbles are no illusion, bubbles are real magic." 

       - Tom Noddy

BACKGROUND IMAGE: Lindsey Noel performs a bubble magic trick on Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

Lindsey Noel - Bubble Witch Chris K_edited.png

Above are just a few examples of Lindsey Noel performing with bubbles. Bubble shows are becoming increasingly popular world wide (it's even an option on the Specialty Performer Insurance form now!) and along with her partner & TikTok star Meadow Perry and their company, The Bubbleverse, Lindsey is thrilled to teach others the beautiful & mesmerizing skill of bubble artistry. If interested let me know and I'll put together pricing options for shows and classes for Independent Lake Camp.

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